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Jacob Funk Kirkegaard


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Jacob Funk Kirkegaard

What's Behind France's Cabinet Shake-up
Video | August 26, 2014
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard explains how a low approval rating, 10 percent unemployment, and zero economic growth led French President François Hollande to shake up his cabinet.

CCTV's Biz Asia America
Jacob Kirkegaard on ECB Negative Deposit Rate
Video | July 3, 2014
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard discusses Europe's low interest rates and debt restructuring challenges.

The Economist
Germany's Role in Europe
Online debate | June 18, 2013
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard argues against the notion that Europe has suffered from a lack of German leadership during the euro crisis in this week-long online debate.

Bloomberg Television
French Woes Seen as Risk to Europe Integration
Video | May 24, 2013
While in London, Jacob Funk Kirkegaard discusses France's declining leadership role in Europe.

NPR's Morning Edition
Instead of Snoozing in Savings, Let's Put $5,000 to Work
Audio | May 22, 2013
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard joins NPR's Uri Berliner to discuss how interest rates for savings accounts are not keeping up with inflation.

The Economist
French Public Opinion—Morosity Rules
May 18, 2013
With France's economy back in recession, the Economist calls attention to an article by Jacob Funk Kirkegaard that asks "Is France a 'Peripheral' Country?"

New York Times
Calculating the Impact of Cyprus's Bailout
March 31, 2013
A RealTime blog post by Jacob Funk Kirkegaard serves as the basis for this New York Times article.

Cyprus' Crisis Frames Eurozone as 'Work in Progress'
Audio | March 29, 2013
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard tells NPR's John Ydstie that the Cyprus deal is bad news for big depositors but a positive precedent for euro area taxpayers.

Bloomberg TV
There Will Be a Mini Bank Run in Cyprus
Video | March 25, 2013
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard explains that Europe is several big steps closer to a banking resolution framework in the euro area, one that would be similar to how the FDIC operates in the United States.

The Diane Rehm Show
Cyprus and EU Bailouts
Audio | March 21, 2013
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard joins Sheila Bair, Nicholas Karambelas, Nicholas Schrifin, and host Tom Gjelten to discuss of the state of the Cyprus bailout negotiations.

PBS NewsHour
Will the Banking Crisis in Cyprus Rock Other Markets?
Video with transcript | March 18, 2013
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard explains that when a small country like Cyprus has banks worth 800 percent of GDP, then when the banks have a small problem, the government has a big one.

NPR's Weekend Edition
Japan's Economic Plan May Be Bad News for Everyone Else
Audio | January 26, 2013
Japan is being criticized for infusing its economy with money to help spur consumption, but Jacob Funk Kirkegaard notes the global economic recovery would have been much worse had the US Federal Reserve and other central banks not flooded their own financial markets with money during the global recession.

The Washington Times
Too Much Belt-Tightening Risky for Global Economy
Article | January 9, 2013
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard tells the Washington Times that the recession in the euro area was the result of the member countries all consolidating at once.

Bloomberg TV
Europe Writedown of Greek Debt Expected 'Last'
Video | November 29, 2012
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard discusses the European Union's aid package for Greece, the role of the International Monetary Fund, and the outlook for Spanish banks.

Bloomberg TV
Obama, Romney Seen to Have 'Flawed' Economic Plans
Video | November 5, 2012

PRI's The World
How Europe's Ailing Economy Affects the American Industry
Audio with transcript | October 24, 2012
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard says that while the euro crisis's most direct effect on US industry is reduced US exports to Europe, its most negative effect is that it is lowering financial market confidence.

NPR's Morning Edition
Easy Money May Boost Economy But At What Cost?
Audio with transcript | September 28, 2012
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard says that the trillions of dollars being pumped into the global economy by central banks come with risks and that easy money could lead to long-term rises in inflation, or even new housing bubbles.

Nightly Business Report
IMF Calls on International Leaders to Spark Global Economy
Video | September 24, 2012
Speaking at the Peterson Institute, IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde called for leaders in Europe and the United States to take action to boost global growth. Jacob Funk Kirkegaard says that Europe has the political will to implement a banking union, but it is unrealistic to expect Europe to put together a fully comprehensive banking union in less time that the United States has spent implementing the Dodd-Frank Act.

Expect a Bold Response from the ECB
Video | September 12, 2012
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard expects the European Central Bank to announce significant new measures to help stem the euro area debt crisis.

Bloomberg Radio
Kirkegaard Says ECB Must Push Spain, Italy
Audio | September 6, 2012
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard discusses the European Central Bank's new government bond-buying program and explains what the decision means for US markets.

Yahoo! Finance
ECB's New Government Bond-Buying Program Is a Game Changer
Article | September 6, 2012
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard rates the European Central Bank's new plan as not a Band-Aid but rather a policy that "really does have the potential to be a game changer" in solving the euro area's financial crisis.

NPR's Morning Edition
The European Central Bank's Guide to Influence
Interview with article | July 13, 2012
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard explains that the European Central Bank is using its control over making more euros to extract governance concessions from European countries.

Bloomberg Businessweek
ECB Role Is to Respond to Weakening
Video | July 5, 2012
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard says the European Central Bank's move to cut interest rates is a standard response to a weakening euro area economy.

Will to Save Euro Area Unbreakable, Kirkegaard Says
Video | July 5, 2012
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard talks about the European Central Bank's decision to cut its benchmark interest rate by 25 basis points to 0.75 percent and the future of the euro area.

The Atlantic Council
The Eurozone Crisis After the Greek Elections
Video | June 22, 2012
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard joins C. Boyden Gray, US ambassador to the European Union, and Ulrike Guerot, European Council on Foreign Relations, in a discussion held by the Atlantic Council on the euro area crisis following the Greek elections.

Council on Foreign Relations
Did the G-20 Help the Eurozone?
Interview | June 20, 2012
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard assesses the G-20 summit in relation to the euro are in this interview.

Business News Network
Greek Election Results
Video | June 18, 2012
Following an update of Greece's performance in the Euro Cup, Jacob Funk Kirkegaard discusses the outcome of Greece's parliamentary elections and the challenges New Democracy faces in forming a governing coalition.

PBS NewsHour
Is Spain 'in Denial' Over Growing Banking Crisis?
Video with transcript | June 11, 2012
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard and Douglas Rediker of the New America Foundation discuss the bailout Spain secured for up to $125 billion to shore up its ailing banks and why it is still unclear how those funds will be distributed.

Greek Euro Exit Chances Under 5 Percent
Video | May 23, 2012
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard puts the odds of Greece exiting the euro area at less than 5 percent, noting that Greek politicians realize 80 percent of the Greek population opposes leaving the euro.

CNN Money
Maybe Greece Needs a Run on the Banks
Article | May 21, 2012
CNN Money considers Jacob Funk Kirkegaard's suggestion that a Greek bank run might counterintuitively help the euro area.

NPR Morning Edition
Bond Market Shrugs Off France's Presidential Vote
Interview | May 8, 2012
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard discusses how the bond market correctly perceived that the president-elect is not going to embark on some huge stimulus program in France.

Yahoo! Finance | The Daily Ticker
France’s Hollande Is "Bluffing" But Greek Vote Raises Real Concern: Kirkegaard
Video with article | May 7, 2012
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard discusses how the French and Greek elections could affect the euro area crisis on Yahoo! Finance's The Daily Ticket with host Aaron Task.