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Browse our secure online bookstore. Chapters from many of our books are available for preview before purchase as nonprintable PDF files.

Customers are encouraged to buy books online; if you reside outside the United States, please see important information regarding international orders.

eBook versions of selected Institute books may be purchased from Amazon (Kindle), Barnes and Noble (Nook), and Google eBooks. Libraries can also order electronic versions of our books from Ebrary and NetLibrary.
Fax / Mail
Please use the order form [pdf] in our catalog. Fax or mail as directed.
1-800-522-9139 or 703-661-1574
Our sales representatives will assist you in placing your order.

Individuals and Businesses

All orders from individuals must be prepaid in US dollars by check, money order, or credit card. Businesses may prepay, or, in the United States only, use a purchase order (order must be for $50 or more). Customers outside the United States are required to purchase through their local distributor if one has been designated for their country.

Prices, Titles, and Availability Dates

All prices, titles, and availability dates are subject to change without notice. Prices in the catalog are applicable in the United States only and may vary across countries after exchange rate conversion. The ISBN number will remain the same.

Standing Orders

Standing order customers receive each new Institute publication as soon as it is available. Organizations placing a standing order are billed at a 20 percent discount on single copies and a 30 percent discount on multiple copies of the same title. Call (800) 522-9139 for additional information.

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Examination Copies: More info

Foreign Rights and Permissions: More info

Other Marketing Queries: Please contact or call (202) 328-9000.